12S/4 100 Polyester Sewing Thread


Our Spun Polyester Thread is suitable to use in most general products packing as it is high in Tensile Strength Heat & Abrasion and also budgetable to use. Thread in different colour is also useful as identification of the products packed.

Item:  100% Polyester 12S/4 Sewing Thread

Material:  100% Spun Polyester Bag Closing Sewing Thread
Colour:  White, Blue, Red, Green, Brown, Yellow, Mixed Colour
               (Other colour upon request)

Package:  1,000m, 1,200m, 150g, 200g, 250g (For Portable Machine)
                   1.0Kg, 2.0Kg, 3.0Kg, 4.0Kg, 5.0Kg, 7.0Kg, 10.0Kg (For Stationery Machine)


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